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User Agreement

2020-04-29 00:54:09 Author: TinhNow

(3) Each exchange of goods generally has to pay a courier fee 1 USD (depending on product weight or dimensions).

When the user confirms that the product has quality problems, he/she needs to contact our customer service to inform specific problems, the number of products, and take photos to provide relevant evidence to the customer service. We support the user's return and exchange according to the specific situation!

IV Delivery

1.The goods you purchase through this website will be delivered according to the address you provided. You should clearly and accurately fill in your delivery address, contact person and contact information and other delivery information. You confirm that the goods you purchase should only be accepted by contact person you filled in, the loss caused by changing contact person or related delivery information shall be borne by you.

2.Website will not be able to bear the responsibility for delayed or cannot be delivered due to the following circumstances: 

(1).Customer provides wrong information and undetailed address;

(2).Arriving of goods without consignee, resulting in repeated delivery costs and related consequences will be charged;

(3).Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic law, war, etc.

V User Personal Information Protection and Authorization

1.You acknowledge and agree that in order to facilitate the use of the related services, website will store the necessary information while using it, including but not limited to your real name, gender, birthday, delivery address, contact information, address book, photo album, Calendar, location, etc. Except for the circumstances stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations of Kingdom of Cambodia, website will not disclose your personal information to third party without your permission.

2.You acknowledge and confirm that if the information you provide to the website is not true and incomplete, you will not be able to use it or be restricted. At the same time, you will bear the adverse consequences arising therefrom.