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  • 换货说明

    在质量低下的情况下,我们的平台不接受退货,只接受换货。 更换需要满足以下条件: (1)产品必须保持不变(尝试查看产品是否合适且未视为已磨损); (2)产品必须保持所有标签和标签的原始状态; (3)每次换货通常需要支付1美元的快递费(取决于产品的重量或尺寸) 当用户确认产品存在质量问题时,他/她需要联系我们的客户服务人员以告知具体问题, 产品数量并拍照以为客户服务人员提供相关证据。我们根据具体情况支持用户的退换!

    TinhNow 2020-08-13

  • Exchange instructions

    In case of low quality reasons, our platform does not accept returns, only exchanges. The replacement needs to meet the following conditions: (1) The product must be unchanged (try to see if the product is suitable and not considered worn); (2) The product must remain in its original state with all labels and tags; (3) Each exchange of goods generally has to pay a courier fee 1 USD (depending on product weight or dimensions). When the user confirms that the product has quality problems, he/she needs to contact our customer service to inform specific problems, the number of products, and take photos to provide relevant evidence to the customer service. We support the user's return and exchange according to the specific situation!

    TinhNow 2020-08-13

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    (1)免费注册:若您还没有Tinhnow账号,请先注册 (2)浏览商品:分类浏览或通过搜索来查找你心仪的商品 (3)放入购物车:将喜欢的商品放入购物车,可以直接购物,也可以前去结算 (4)提交订单:Tinhnow默认为货到付款,填写好你的收货地址,直接提交订单即可 (5)查看订单:你可以进入"会员中心"查看订单状态 (6)签收付款:快递员送货上门,你确认完好并签收,将款项交给快递员 (7)消费评价:收货确认后可以对商品进行评价

    TinhNow 2020-08-13