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  • Payment Method

    Tinhnow default was reset cash on delivery. When you received your goods, please make payment through cash.

    TinhNow 2020-04-29

  • Delivery Method

    Tinhnow deliver goods to your doorstep through a courier driver. Estimate time of arrival:The next day after you order. Delivery fee calculation:Less than or equal to 3kg, charge 1 US dollar, exceeding 3kg, the actual delivery cost shall prevail.

    TinhNow 2020-04-29

  • How to Order

    (1)Free Delivery:If you do not have a Tinhnow account, please register before using it; (2)Browse Product:Browse by category or search your favorite products; (3)Add to Cart:Put your favorite products into shopping cart, you can shop directly, or go to the check out; (4)Order Submission:Tinhnow default is cash on delivery, please fill in your delivery address first, and submit your order directly; (5)View Order:You can enter the "Member Center" to view order status; (6)Payment:Courier driver will deliver products to you, please confirm and check carefully before signing. Moreover; please pay delivery fee to the courier driver; (7)Customer Review:You could review the product after receiving it.

    TinhNow 2020-04-29